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Puskara Festival 2016

“Those who have performed millions of austerities and millions of great fire sacrifices for thousands of previous births and have thus burnt all their sins, they are the only ones who develop serious devotion to Lord Sri Krsna and accept Him to be the Supreme God.” [Padma Purana, KBS0031]

Puskara Festival 2016 Invitation

Dear devotees of Lord Krsna, We are glad to inform you that, by the will of the Supreme Lord Sri Krsna, who appeared in the intricately carved Red Stone Temple by the name of Radha Govinda, Lord Sri Krsna is completing one Yuga. As is stated in the Padma Purana, one Yuga is said to

The Unbroken Chain of Disciplic Succession

tyaja durjana-samsarga kuru sadhu-samagamam bhaja laksmi-patim visnum bhukti-mukti pradayakam “O human beings, if you are really serious about obtaining the ultimate goal of life please leave the association of heretics, rascals and showboat devotees, and associate with the real devotees of the Lord. If you follow this rule and chant the holy names of Lord