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Without Adulteration

“In translating and editing this great literature, as in all our works, we have taken extreme care not to alter anything. We present Vedic culture the way it was originally presented, for as long as the Sun and Moon shine above the Earth, no one can ever defeat this philosophy. Faith and patience in the

Astrology is Not Psychic Prediction

” Sri Sukadeva Goswami said, O King, after washing and refreshing himself with water, putting on his armor and taking up his bow, Pradyumna spoke to his chariot driver thus, ”Take me again to that place where that hero Dyuman is.” sri suka uvaca sa tupasprsya salilam damsito dhrta-karmukah naya mam dyumatah parsvam virasyety aha

Ayurveda Exactly as Prescribed

People with a materialistic Western mentality do not understand how Ayurvedic medicine works. Ayurvedic medicines should be meticulously prepared as per the Ayurvedic prescriptions. It is not just that some chemicals inside of a plant alone cause it to work on a patient, the success of Ayurvedic medicine is actually beyond the comprehension of modern