The Supreme Lord Archive

The Lord is the Controller of Immortality

”The Supreme Lord whose body is free from every material substratum (kala), whose deeds are not material, who is always peaceful, is faultless, is the controller of immorality and burns sins just as fire burns any fuel supplied to it.” niskalam niskriyam santam niravadyam niranjanam amrtasya param setum dagdhendhanam ivanalam PURPORT by Sri Krsna Balaram

Radha’s Name is Very Sensitive

“One may wonder if God is unlimited and self-satisfied, why does He need any beloved to satisfy His desire? To this the Brahmanda Purana states, radha krsnatmika nityam krsno radhatmako dhruvam, ” Lord Krsna is the unlimited God. When He wants to enjoy He manifests into His beloved, Radharani, and enjoys Her company. Therefore Lord

The Secret of All Secrets

”The Supreme Lord who is the secret of all the secrets, who is unlimited, who never perishes and who encompasses both knowledge and ignorance, is situated beyond the reach of Lord Brahma. Undoubt­edly matter is perishable and the spirit is imperishable but the supreme ruler of both, matter and spirit is completely divergent.” dve aksare

Become Free from All Miseries of Life

”The all-pervading Supreme Lord who is the benefactor of everyone is only One and Absolute, He is very subtle like the fragrance of butter and always remains hidden in the hearts of all living entities and those who become conscious of the Lord’s such transcendental qualities, they become free from the ties of miseries.” ghrtat

Pure Devotional Service

”I know the Supreme Lord, He has a personal feature, which is untouched by the darkness of ignorance and is self illumined like the brightness of the sun. After knowing that great personality one surely crosses the cycle of birth and death and besides this there is no other process to liberation.” vedaham etam purusam