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When Darkness of Ignorance is Destroyed

”When the darkness of ignorance is destroyed from the heart then there remains no duality of night and day or beginning and end. At this stage only the auspicious Lord who is indestructible and worshipable even to the Sungod imparts knowledge through the ancient chain of disciplic succession.” yada tamah tatra diva na ratrir na

Very Difficult to Find

“O king, there are many people that speak sweetly and please the mind, but it is very rare and difficult to find a person who frankly speaks the exact scriptural truth uncompromisingly. It is also difficult to find people to listen to such strict statements and maintain a peaceful mind.” [Valmiki Ramayan, KBS0113]

The Process of Purification

”It is very well known that by the powers of his austerities and the blessings of the Supreme Lord, the sage Svetasvatara was able to know the Supreme Lord and systematically revealed his realization to those humble sages who were in groups living in his Ashram.” Performance of austerities purifies one from sins and when

The Surrendered Devotee

“Those devotees blessed with the dust of Your lotus feet do not aspire for the happiness of heaven, nor that of the highest abode in this creation, Lord Brahma’s residence. Nor do they desire to rule the earth or the subterranean planets. They neither have any interest in the perfection of Yoga meditation, or have

The Lord’s Property

“Anyone who torments great souls in any way, his such bad deed destroys his duration of life, wealth, fame and every blessing he has received. He also becomes bereft of meritorious acts and their subsequent results like liberation or entrance into heaven.” ayuh sriyam yaso dharmam lokan asisa eva ca hanti sreyamsi sarvani pumso mahad-atikramah