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One Cannot Expect the Lord to Reward

”O destroyer of everything, we always worship You with many categories of paraphernalia. Please do not be angry with us, or our children, or our grand children, or our cows, or our horses or our armies. Please, do not also reduce our duration of life in any way.” ma nas toke tanaye ma na ayusi

Pleading to the Lord

When real devotees see the Lord, either face to face or in His deity form in the temple, they always pray to please Him, as we see in this text. Pleading words to appease the Lord are called prayers. A person before the Lord without prayers is understood to be arrogant. One may externally act

Plead to the Lord

“O great Lord, this servant of Yours has fallen into the hole of this material existence and is under the grip of snake-like time, but still craves enjoying material sense gratification which is ridiculous and insignificant, yet this desire to enjoy incessantly increases. Please be merciful and uplift and save this living entity by pouring