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Purifying the Soul

”Just as a bright jewel when covered with dirt seems filthy but when it is cleaned properly it starts shining again, similarly a spirit soul conditioned in a body realizes the Supreme Lord by washing the self through spiritual practice and they become free from all miseries of life and begin feeling ecstasy while alive.”

The Power of Yogi

”Those who are expert in yoga science say that feeling lightness in the body, disease free in every way, detached from material sense objects, having luminous complexion in the body, a sweet sounding voice, pleasant odor in the body, and reduction of evacuation, and urination are the preliminary external signs (symptoms) of perfection in yoga.”

Super Natural Powers

”Through the performance of yoga a yogi receives super natural power over material elements such as earth, water, fire, air and ether and thus becomes eligible to control these five elements through yogic powers. Being purified by the fire of the yogic process a yogi’s body does not become afflicted with any disease, nor becomes

Success in Yoga

”Through concentrating on the Lord a symptom of perfection may appear before the practitioner, and the Lord upon whom medita¬≠tion is being performed may sometimes appear in the heart like that of a fog or mist or sun or wind or fire or fire-fly or as lightening or as a crystal stone or as a

Perfect Place for Meditation

”The area for meditation should be evenly leveled, clean and pure. It should be free from stone pebbles, should not be susceptible to fire, should not be a dry desert, free from worldly irritating noise and should not be too close to a body of water. It should be pleasing to the mind and should