Material Creation Archive

Leading Demigods

”That very same blessed Lord who is seated in the hearts of everyone including all those who control this universe, who is all cognizant, who is all pervading, the caretaker of this universe, He who governs this nature permanently, besides that Supreme Lord there is no one other to take care of this universe.” sa

Tolerance for Others’ Benefit

“Just see these fortunate trees standing at one place exclusively meant for benefiting others. They not only tolerate troubles arising from torrents of rain, scorching heat, strong winds and frost, but they also help protect us from troubles arising from these elements.” pasyataitan maha-bhagan pararthaikanta-jivitan vata-varsatapa-himan sahanto varayanti nah PURPORT by Sri Krsna Balaram Swamiji

The Purification of the Soul

”Every category of scriptural knowledge, sacrifices, oblations, fasting vows and every kind of purificatory activities the Vedas had described in the past, present and future they are meant for the conditioned souls who are bound by the illusory energy, maya, so they can please the Supreme Lord who created this world.” chandamsi yajnah kratavo vratani

Dull Tree

”Two friendly birds are compared to the soul and Supersoul living together in the tree of the material body. Between these two birds, one (the living entity) tastes the fruit of its acquired karma, while the other (the Supersoul) does not experience any of it but simply observes as a witness.” dva suparna sayujii sakhaya