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Showboat Spiritualists

The age we live in is called Kaliyuga, meaning the age of hypocrisy and quarrel, and it began five thousand one hundred seven years ago. Kaliyuga is averse to real spiritual life. For the last one hundred years Kaliyuga has matured, showing its complete horrible form, which strongly influences people towards sin. Since then, all

On Leaving the Irreversible ISKCON

Not only do those who accept worship from others without authorization fall into hell, but those who knowingly support such pretenders also get punished. As it is stated in the Kausika Samhita: danam grhnati yah sudro mahatyam api capadi yasca tasmai sampradadyat tav ubhau narakau dhruvam “If Sudras (low class people), even if they have

How to Take Birth As a Pig

There are six categories of offenses committed against a devotee: to physically offend, to criticize, to envy, to disrespect, and to become angry with him or to make him angry. These offenses implicate a person with unatoneable sin. Such offenders are condemned to take birth as pigs in their next life, even though they may

Wise Men

Nineteen years ago an American devotee named Kaviraj (Scott Knowles) asked me, “You are very spiritually qualified, why don’t you initiate disciples?” I replied, “Not now, I must wait for the right time.” He then asked, “When will that time come?” I told him, “It may be the year two thousand.” But man proposes and

Not Everyone is Foolish

In Vrindaban in 1987, during my vow of austerity during Kartika (September-October), a Jewish born religious leader with shaved head approached me and said, “You will soon face many problems.” I innocently responded. “Strict people will always have problems in this age of Kaliyuga, and envious people cannot live without creating trouble for them, because