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The Sri Vrindaban Area

“In this way Krsna and Balaram moved throughout the forest, playing customary games on river banks, upon hills, in valleys, in groves, in forests, and near the lakes of the Sri Vrindaban area.” evam tau loka-siddhabhi kridabhis ceratur vane nady-adri-droni-kunjesu kananesu sarahsu ca PURPORT by Sri Krsna Balaram Swamiji The circumference of Vraja is one

The Lord’s Residence

“Being conscious, Brahma immediately looked everywhere around him. He saw Sri Vrindaban Dham, which was filled with consciousness-reviving trees and things which please everyone eternally.” sapady evabhitah pasyan diso ‘pasyat purah-sthitam vrndavanam janajivya drumakirnam sama-priyam PURPORT by Sri¬†Krsna Balaram Swamiji The word apasyat is connected to Vrindaban, which signifies that Brahma saw Vrindaban with his