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God Does Not Want Anything in Return

”The Supreme Lord who has entered into the fire, in the water, inside the universe, in the herbs and in the vegetation to sustain everyone unto that Lord we pay our homage again and again.” yo devo agnau yo apsu yo visvam bhuvanam avivesa ya osadhisu yo vanaspatisu tasmai devaya namo namah PURPORT by Sri

Learn to Know Him

”By nature, everything material is temporary whereas the enjoyer of the material objects, the living soul, is indestructible. Both the, perishable material objects and the imperishable spirit soul are under the control of the Supreme Lord. If one continuously contemplates in this way while keeping their mind completely absorbed in this thinking then at the

The Lord of Unlimited Energies

”Those greatly advanced transcendentalists saw in their trance that very Supreme Lord who was satiated and enveloped with His inconceivable transcendental energies and found that He alone controls those causes (told in the previous verse) starting from time till the soul interacts and thus completely governs them.” te dhyana yoganugata apasyan devatma saktim sva-gunair nigudham

The Cause of All Causes

Everyone has some metaphysical questions in life and wonders where this creation has come from, who maintains it, where did we come from, who is maintaining all of us and after death where does everyone go? Such questions are naturally arising in intelligent human beings. Everyone contemplates that there is a superpower behind this creation

Life is Reduced Day by Day

“Just as aquatic entities living in shallow water are unaware that the water in their pool is being reduced day by day, similarly grossly foolish people keep themselves busy maintaining their families, and do not understand that their remaining life is being reduced day by day.” naivavidan ksiyamanam jalam gadha-jale-carah yatha ”yur anvaham ksayyam nara