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Freedom from Pride and Entanglement

”Previously we were blind from being intoxicated by our wealth. We had wanted to conquer the entire earth, which incited us to compete amongst ourselves whereby we mercilessly fought and caused the death of many of our own subjects. We were so maddened with arrogance that even if our own death came and stood before

How to Get Purified

”The Lord who is the cause of everything and whose nature is to cleanse everyone through purificatory processes, and after purifying them He impregnates them with divine qualities. Such is the Supreme Lord who controls this whole creation in every way.” yac ca svabhavam pacati visvayonih pacyams ca sarvan parinamayed yah sarvam etad visvam adhitisthaty

Freeing Oneself From All Sins

”Those people who hear My transcendental pastimes with respect and faith, sing them and support them, and favor them and approve of them with pleasure, they become My totally dedicated and fixed devotees and, in due course, receive My unalloyed loving devotional service.” ta ye srnanti gayanti hy anumodanti cadrtah matparah sraddadhanas ca bhaktim vindanti